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R2:2013 Internal Auditor Course

Responsible Recycling (R2:3013) Internal Auditor Training

Successful completion of this course will meet the training requirements for individuals seeking certification as a R2 Internal Auditor.

This online course covers the complete spectrum of R2 requirements, placing emphasis on principles necessary to manage, conduct and report on R2 management system audits. The course is based on Accelerated Learning Principles and follows the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) approach to instruction and learning.

Topics that will be covered are:
• 19011 Guidance
• Growth and Management of Used Electronics
• Development of the R2 Standard
• Export Rules/Regulations
• Domestic Rules/Regulations
• Essential R2 Concepts
• Understanding R2 Practices
o Environmental, Health and Safety Management System
o Reuse, Recover,…Hierarchy of Responsible Management Systems
o Legal Requirements
o On-Site Environmental, Health, and Safety
o Focus Materials
o Reusable Equipment and Components
o Tracking Throughput
o Data Destruction
o Storage
o Security
o Insurance, Closure Plan, and Financial Responsibility
o Transport
o Documentation and Recordkeeping
• R2 Certification
• Nonconformances
• Auditor Roles and Responsibilities

Delegates apply R2 principles and requirements to structured case studies, culminating in an interactive mock-audit based on the process approach to auditing. There is an exam at the end of the training, which delegates will need to successfully complete in order to pass the course. An R2 Auditor certificate will be given after successful completion of the course and exam.

Who Should Attend?
Individuals who will be responsible for the implementation of an R2 management system, particularly those who will manage an internal audit program to meet the requirements of R2 and consultants interested in working with e-waste recyclers in implementing the R2 Standard should attend this course.

Benefits of R2 to Your Business
• Promotes safe and effective recovery and reuse of electronic equipment
• Guards downstream control of the recycling chain
• Minimizes environmental and public health risks
• Demonstrates compliance with domestic and international laws
• Minimizes liability and encourages reduced insurance costs for recyclers
• Assists original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) with due diligence for their end-of-life electronics
• Instills public confidence through certified third party review

Online Course: 8 hours – Work at your own pace! You may log in and out as needed.

Exam: Successful completion of the exam is required to pass the course. There is a 2 hour time limit for the exam, and it must be completed in one session.

Certificate : Internal Auditor Certificate provided to those who pass the exam

  • Part 1_R2 Intro.pptx
  • Part 2: Essential R2:2013 Concepts
  • Part 3: FM Background
  • Part 4: R2:2013 Provision 1
  • Objectives Targets and Programmes
  • Provision 1 Questions
  • Part 4: R2:2013 Provision 2
  • R2 EHSMS Policy
  • Provision 2 Questions
  • Part 4: R2:2013 Provision 3
  • EHS Legal and Other Requirements
  • Provision 3 Questions
  • Part 4: R2:2013 Provision 4
  • EHS Hazards and Risks
  • Provision 4 Questions
  • Part 4: R2:2013 Provision 5
  • R2 FM Plan
  • DSV Questionnaire
  • Provision 5 Questions
  • Part 4: R2:2013 Provision 6
  • Provision 6 Questions
  • Part 4: R2:2013 Provision 7-10
  • R2 Training Matrix
  • Data destruction procedure
  • Provision 7-10 Questions
  • Part 4: R2:2013 Provision 11-13
  • Closure Plan
  • Provision 11 Questions
  • Part 5: Auditor Roles and Responsibilities
  • Responsible Recycling (R2:2013) Auditor Exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever